Cat and Dog Boarding and Grooming in Lindenhurst

Cat and Dog Boarding

For the many patients that we treat, our Lindenhurst, IL animal hospital offers cat and dog boarding when they cannot be at home with their owners. We have a separate room for cats to provide a quieter place for them away from the dogs. Dogs are walked four times daily. You can also sign up your pet for a playtime session. These one-on-one sessions include playtime with one of our friendly staff members, going for extra walks, or snuggling and getting petted. All pets are housed separately. Housemates who get along can have playtime together. Call us at 847-356-1516 early in advance to schedule your cat and dog’s boarding reservation; we book up quickly!

Lindenhurst, IL Cat and Dog Grooming

We currently offer brushing and bathing for cats and dogs. Stay tuned for future updates on our cat and dog grooming services in Lindenhurst.

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