Radiology & Laboratory


Radiographs, or x-rays, are a diagnostic tool that can help us assess the size or shape of the internal organs. They also allow us to evaluate the bones for fractures, arthritis, or other skeletal problems. Having digital radiography allows us to take measurements and even email the radiographs to specialists for consultation.

With the addition of dental radiography, we are also able to evaluate the roots of the teeth, allowing us to locate infections at the roots as well as broken roots.

Vet Radiology & Laboratory in Lindenhurst: Vet Examines X-Ray


We have equipment within the hospital to perform general blood panels for complete blood counts and chemistries. Phenobarbital levels for epileptics, fructosamine levels for diabetics, and thyroid imaging tests can also be done at the hospital. Other in-hospital testing can include intestinal parasites, blood parasites like heartworms, and urinalysis evaluation. In-hospital test results can generally be obtained within an hour, allowing our doctors to promptly address and evaluate your pet’s problems.

There are some tests that cannot be performed in the hospital – like histopathology and other specialized blood samples. They are picked up by courier daily and submitted to a laboratory. Results are obtained based on how long it takes to perform the tests.