Cat and Dog Physical Therapy and Laser Therapy in Lindenhurst

Multimodal Musculoskeletal Care

Some pets have arthritis, are recovering from surgery or illness, have had broken bones, or have cruciate or other problems. To help provide comfort to these pets we may prescribe medications such as NSAIDS or glucosamine supplements. There are many other modalities that can benefit – cat and dog laser therapy penetrates tissues decreasing inflammation and can aid in healing. Cat and dog physical rehabilitation with specific exercises, range of motion stretches and massage can also benefit. We work closely with TOPS Veterinary Rehabilitation which can provide chiropractic, acupuncture, and underwater treadmill therapies.

Cat and Dog Physical Therapy in Lindenhurst, IL

Cat and Dog Laser Therapy

Cat and dog laser therapy uses a class IV MLS laser to penetrate tissues which causes a decrease in inflammation, decrease in pain, and aid in healing. The cases we use it in varies with the patient. We use it mostly to treat arthritis, back, knee, hip, and elbow and shoulder problems. But it can also be used in ear infections, anal gland infections and skin lesions. It can also be used during surgery as well to aid in tissue healing.